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Stoner's Set up House at Gassman's Lakeside Resort - 6979 N. Sheridan - The Gassman Beatle's Parody

It seems like its time to take Craig's List at the Hellhole to task, observe 6981, and make a massive call- in to 311 after a careful once over.

Perhaps, the Mayor's Office, as well, since Daley tends to have little affection for Joe these days. The issue is whether Gassman allowed an unregistered business that allegedly monitors former addicts to take over part of a private apartment building without complying with City, Federal, and/or Illinois law. However, if this does not work, then an lawsuit in chancery to abate the nuisance can be filed against the Land Trust created by 6981 N. Sheridan, Inc. which is held in Trust by First Midwest Bank. David Gassman is the President of 6981 N. Sheridan, Inc., which controls the interest.

Nuisance lawsuits work, where there is a Plaintiff, who can show "actual damage" to the Plaintiff and others by Gassman's neglect. A Plaintiff must file an injunction against Gassman's alleged Trust. Otherwise, he can continue to let the place decay unless the City actually cites and eventually condemns the property. Of course, you can argue that damages to Rogers Park in the form of a dip in property value may exceed the value of the property in order to forfeit it as part of the damages, perhaps.

In addition, you can sue for damages, but you have to prove damages by a preponderance of the evidence. The best thing to do is to call in a jury. Once the litigation starts, and the white shoe law firm uses up Gassman's retainer, the other shoe begins to drop. If the case is dismissed, then it can often be appealed in good faith.

Gassman and his arguable interlocking directorates and holding companies have "deep pockets." However, he may have taken out loans against the properties, with what 'may' be an appraisal "made according to instructions" for use by Citibank, among others, from my unique vantage point. This may get verified in discovery. If he doesn't start spending on the property to rehabilitate, then he may have to start spending with the bar and it won't be Spin, either, just arguably provable fact. Sometimes, the community has to consider who is around and what can be done about it.

To Recap, here are the addresses, the information, and the alleged slumlord:

6979 N. Sheridan

AKA 1149-1155 W Lunt

AKA 6971-6981 N SHERIDAN, PIN 11-32-200-001

Owner: 6981 N. Sheridan, Inc. President: David Gassman

840 Heather Lane, Deerfield, IL

Tel: 773-327-7711 (Spin Nightclub)

Maybe, if Alderman Moore is reading he might rethink about who his friends are and whether they even give a crap about Rogers Park! When an Alderman claims that he is fighting slumlords, only to let one waltz right in and subsidize the Moore war chest, then his days should be numbered. Moore should have learned from former Alderman Eisendrath's decision; move up or out. I hope that Evanston and Jan Schakowsky really pay attention to the politicians that may 'come a courting.'

So when will Moore begin to genuinely care for Rogers Park and not people like the Gassman? News at 10? Or have they forgotten about us as well? Hopefully, Gassman puts some money into renovating 6981 North, rather than sitting on it. Frankly, I could see a really good parody of the Taxman by the Beatles coming out of this one!

The Gassman

[An Ode to a Publicly Declared and Arguably Unregulated Repetitive Contributor of Alderman Joseph Moore]

Let me tell you how it will be,
There’s one for Moore, nineteen for me,

‘Cos I’m the Gassman,
Yeah, I’m the Gassman.

Should five per cent appear too small,
Be thankful I don’t take it all.

‘Cos I’m the Gassman,Yeah yeah,
I’m the Gassman.

(If you drive a car car), I’ll slime your street,
(If you try to sit sit), I’ll invite drug addicts to piss on the seats,
(If you get too cold cold), I’ll turn off the heat,
(If you take a walk walk), I’ll summon rats to bite your feet.

I’m the Gassman,
Yeah, I’m the Gassman.

Don’t ask me what I want it for(Ah Ah! Alderman Moore!)
Unless you want to smell some more (Ah Ah! Mister Gerhardt!),

‘Cos I’m the Gassman,
Yeeeah, I’m the Gassman.

Now my advice for those who die, (Gassman!)
Put up with my blight upon your eyes, (Gassman!)

‘Cos I’m the Gassman,
Yeah, I’m the Gassman.

And you’re putting up with no-one but me,(Gassman).

I wonder if Moore will continue to accept Gassman's money? In my humble opinion, we seem to live in a world of Rezko's just yearning for Federal Attention.

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