Sunday, June 22, 2008

How About that Hail? Dog doo is rat food. Sympathy for Algernon.

Well, am I the only local who decided to comment on the fifteen minutes that turned our airconditioners and car exteriors into out of tune xylophones and bucket drummers?
A few of our lilies were damaged. One other 'possible fatality' is the damn rat that Streets and Sanitation could not kill. They tell me that the dumpsters in back of 7239 W. Ridge are encouraging the night rats and rat holes. However, we have a weak rat that comes out during the day. The rat has become a bit of a simultaneous amusement and nuisance. He doesn't seem to go for the peanut butter in our electric rat trap. I think that he just shows up every once in a while to upset my wife.
This is the first time in ten years that we have seen a rat. With the additional dogs and dog poop, combined with the tendency for some not to clean up after themselves. Well, our local rats have found the "abundanza platter" rather tasty. The McDonalds and White Castle leftovers must be appealing appetizers, as well.
The reason for the dog poop bag ordinance is to deter rat infestation. For those who won't pick up, the rats will pick up and swallow it for you. Most girlfriends don't find a rising local rat population an amusing backyard attraction.
Yet, during one of our rats self appointed missions to hang out in our backyard this afternoon, he was inundated by the round icy things. For some reason, my wife wanted me to take a look at the gangway to see her newest change and who did I find? Our local perpetual afternoon rat visitor, Algernon Junior, on his back; dazed and confused. This was the first time I saw him, but my wife mentioned Algernon Junior about two weeks ago.
This rat was looking up at my eyes giving me the slow motion Stevie Wonder head sway. It was weird. I'll check in the morning to see if Algernon awoke and took off after his coma like stare. When you see a helpless rodent like that, you begin to feel a bit awkward. However, I didn't have the baseball bat with me for that unconscious swing of fate, so I left it, alone.
I don't recall this ever happening in the last ten years. Hail and amusing rat stories. I don't know if you will ever get this on the Broken Heart. If the rat is still around, I will pull out the Coolpix for a Nikon moment.

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twestgard said...

Hmm, blank stare. No foamy drool on that rat, is there?