Thursday, June 05, 2008

Howard Street Terminal - New Entrance Opens on June 9, 2008

This is the moment that terminal riders have been waiting for. The possibility of riding escalators less likely to reek. Yes, after years of seeing the blue prints and years after the ground broke, the new terminal is scheduled open in three days. The old portion will likely be closed for its renovation based upon my recall of the plans.

It would be nice to have a walkway to the second floor parking lot wall. How easy was that? Imagine how easy it would be to get from point A to B in addition to the safety factor of easier accessibility. It seems like a no brainer. Oh well, still no restrooms and that can really hurt! Yet, J. C. Decaux remains completely untapped by CTA Officials who schuck and jive after failing to re-evaluate its inconsistent and ridiculous ban on bathrooms. What would it take to act like many normal major metropolitan cities and at least promote privatize restrooms. Think Olympics? How many atheletes will you upset? Maybe, if we e-mail Daley about the much sought after five rings, he might buckle on banos?

What's the point? Well, a wise person would come up with a way to simultaneously encourage sanitation, prevent vandalism and promote safety. However, we must depend upon well connected so-called experts with an agenda, who have no appreciation or clue that the trade offs of installing a restroom are well worth it to the ridership.
Yet, after all is said and not done, I have to marvel at how inept Mid America seems in failing to rent out nearly all the store fronts that line the Terminal at Gateway Plaza. When I went to its website to search for Gateway, I found no listing. It shows how interested they are in renting or selling the property. Not! Who owns Gateway, anyway? Duncan Donuts?

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