Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sorry Sonny, No Money - Lotto Takes Hold - That is What Two Tickets Will Take!

For all the false promises given, Illinois Instant Lottery takes from the poor and feeds the politicians or so it seems. The program started with the promise of funding education. Now, it seems to bask in the misfortune of the less educated. That is, those who forget the odds. Instant Lottery is a means for the Government to take from the poor.
It does not feed them, it fools them. It gives them an empty feeling of loss once the wax is removed and the numbers revealed.
Is it Neon 9s all the time? Or is it Sunny Money, lost my honey, here's a dollar keep me in squalor! Where do we go, what do we do? Is this a state of promise of state of take? What little is there seems to sprinkle its fragments onto the grass. The frustrated may dream of the money that they probably won't take from the State of Illinois Lottery, which is likely outsourced to some other concern. Of course, the other concern may be some allegedly minority run business, which is really not minority run, perhaps.
How do you "win up to 6 times," when you usually lose once! The Illinois Lottery is about as good as a licensed punch card scheme. The most that can be won is $999, but only if the winning tickets are sold. The Lottery takes from the people who can least afford to lose it. Yet, our Legislators have looked the other way!
In fact, Illinois LINK cards have made the sort of spending many of us consider discretionary, an unregulated public disgrace in my opinion. How many of us have witnessed a cashier or small grocer look at a sale and ignore the consequences for the sake of the almighty dollar? We wonder, when will the audit come? Does it ever come?
"Get two like amounts, win that amount." "Get a Sun symbol and win [a whopping] $25 dollars [off dear Uncle Rod!]" Well, the two tickets deposited on my neighbors lawn were losers and so was the litter pig who dropped them.
I see folks lean up against Summit Grocery's wall just scratching off the wax. It doesn't take long before the five to ten dollars in tickets reveal nothing other than wax shavings and unmatching numbers. Will the tickets make it into the garbage? What are those odds? It seems like the player sport poor habits is in need of gamblers anonymous, perhaps?
These two tickets disrespected a neighbor, created blight, and stole hope from someone who probably could least afford it. I think that I'd rather buy a ticket on the next PACE Bus heading west to a job interview or some CPS GED course at Truman College. Two dollars can buy two thirds of a Lean Cuisine Dinner on Sale at Dominicks. Two Instant Lotto tickets are rarely worth the two dollars. Is the suspense of losing it worth the time it takes to work for it? What is indignity for two dollars? That is what two Lotto tickets will take. That is one neighborhood Jeopardy!

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