Monday, June 23, 2008

Flowers for Algernon

Just an update. It seems like our weak link took a dive into eternity. Not a 'smooth move' heading out into the afternoon during a hail storm. Shame on you! Well, it was a disappointment, yet fulfillment to see this one leave us.
Rats have been domesticated. Now, pet stores carry rats in a variety of colors with the warning that their teeth either need to be filed/fixed or rats will naturally kill themselves, perhaps. Whether this is true or just a repressed memory is another story. When you see a helpless rat and have been to the pet store to see the caged wonders, you may get a warped sense of regret in these situations.
It seems like the outdoor variety do not think much of our electric rat trap or its peanut butter filling. Perhaps, the voltage is not strong enough to make a difference.
Well this one was a gimme for all of the hail damage to the lillies. Now, my wife will no longer let out a shriek over this little guy, again.

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