Saturday, May 17, 2008

Evanston's Howard Street Condos, A View from Vacant Gateway Plaza, and Will Weekend Warriors Leave RP Cheetos Bags to Another Blogger Until Next Year?

I have curiousity, but no knowledge. How many of the units are sold? Who is financing? Will it meet the same fate as Gateway Plaza?
For that matter, who owns or operates Gateway? Does the management Company with offices well outside Chicago really care? Why can't they fill many of the units or provide reasonable incentives for 100% occupancy? Has the Alderman chased out potential renters with his rhetoric? Do businesses fear that they will be labelled 'big box' or be subject to some sort of challenge by hack politicians with personal not civic agendas? What can be done to fill this joint? How many years has Gateway lay unreasonably dormant just south of Marshalls?
How was the clean up today? Will those who participated make cleaning up their neighborhood a routine part of the week? Or will this just be another moment for weekend warriors to converge on the Pop Tarts and T-Shirts only to leave the RP Cheetos bags for another Blogger?


Fargo said...

When I last heard, the new Evanston building was supposed to be apartments. Has that changed? Anyone got more info on this?

Toni said...

I noticed a rental office for the apartments has been set up on the corner of Howard/Clark where the new age shop used to be.

As for clean-up day, some of us clean several times a week year round. The sidewalk/parkway are public domain but we have to either shovel snow or get a ticket.

lafew said...

I'm glad to hear that it is not just me. Although, my significant other discouraged me from taking the time to care. She thinks that the tenants or residents of nearby buildings or homes should take the time to care. The other comments were a bit inhibiting.

Our parkway appeared within our property lines, when we purchased, so I think it not publicly owned.

I understand that the City, public, and utilities have an 'easement over the property' to control water, allow sidewalk foot traffic, etc. Although the parkway can be accessed public use and repair (e.g. buffalo boxes); it is an 'easement.'

An easement means that anticipated invitees can walk, but not park themselves on the property for an excessive period of time or trash the place. If they do, then they are considered trespassers based upon my understanding.

Of course being a good neighbor to a reasonable extent becomes reciprocal. Allowing dog owners with good manners reasonable discretion is wise, but can be prohibited.

Toni said...

> An easement means that anticipated invitees can walk, but not park themselves on the property for an excessive period of time or trash the place. If they do, then they are considered trespassers based upon my understanding.

That is odd. Then why does the city trim trees on parkways, or mark cracks/holes on sidewalks? Another loophole to get us to pick up trash for free?

In a civilized society, people would take pride in their neighborhood and not trash it. We don't live in one.

lafew said...

I am a little more optimistic. Society is civilized, but there are a few who have bad manners. It is the 5 to 10 percent who want instant gratification through insensitivity.

There are also others who leave the place a little cleaner than when the arrived. We can try to inhibit some, but not all. I don't exactly understand what is meant.

However, the city will trim trims that encroach on the street or sidewalks. This is done to prevent people who travel on the public easement from being injured. The City will cut trees on its easement that encroach when people complain.

By law, if the city is utterly reckless or wilful and wanton, then it can be sued. If a crack in the sidewalk leaves a two inch deep hole or crack, then the city must fix it. This is why there is a 50/50 sidewalk program. To encourage owners to take responsibility with Chicago. Homeowners may be sued, but the issue is whether the City must maintain its easement. Therefore, in the interim, cracks are filled until the owner begins to care.

If you find a crack that it more than 2 inches deep, then you can complain to 311. You need to identify the exact location. Whether and when Chicago eventually repairs the crack is another issue.

The more home and condo owners, the more likely that people will care. Of course, there are apartment owners, who have enough respect for others, as well. Nevertheless, some are prompted by interest.

From what I understand and view, much of the garbage is thrown out car windows or left by people who are not from the neighborhood.

lafew said...

Long post, some typos

I meant the city will "trim trees" . . .

Toni said...

The city will trim the trees they planted with tax payers money. Years ago, the tree roots were growing into the landlords basement. The city refused to cut the tree. He paid to have it cut down plus paid for repairs to the basement. Is that fair?

Some trees are stronger than others. And, they have different root systems. Then there are the messy cottonwoods that clog air conditioners.

I've watched neighbors get out of their vehicles and dump their fast food trash in the parkway and go into their homes.

lafew said...

The landlord has to cut down the trees or roots on their property, where the easement is not an issue.

However, the homeowner or tree service must contact the city, where the tree grows on the easement. Experienced tree service should know who to contact at the Dept. of Forestry.

Often, land owners will plant the trees in the parkway. Our neighbors did and the tree on our parkway was planted by the former owners of our house.

The limitations on cutting trees are not as severe in some situations. I was surprised when I contacted Chicago's Dept. of Forestry, as a precaution, and found that the tree service that we hired took care of it, even at whant seemed like reasonable rates.

We didn't wait until the tree came down on our house. It was good thing, since the core on the tree of heaven was completely rotted out even though the tree was gigantic and still looked healthy.

On known neighbors who trash, if I have the dog with me, I tell them the truth. My puppy has a pica mentality. She picks up almost anything and may choke on the garbage. She sometimes scares me to the point where I let people know at times if I see them and am walking the dog. However, if I am out picking up the garbage, then a few of the adults kids get a guilt trip and put the garbage in the bag.

I consider the empty beer bottles, cans and cigarette packs a priority. The larger things end up in the bag first, but getting the smaller things into the bag makes it immaculate to the point where it can inhibit.

It is just like grafitti. The sooner it is off the wall and posts, the less likely more will come up. Of course, if it goes up, and you live in the area, you are going to eventually win, its a matter of time, patience, persistence, and the right materials to remove it.

manila condominiums said...

Stunning condo building. Do you have some interior shots there?

Arrielle P

lafew said...

The building is now completed. I'm unsure whether it remained condominiums. These may be rental units. They building seems quite stunning for the area.