Saturday, May 17, 2008

He Who Parks in the Handicapped Parking Spot May Get Towed

Well, we don't have any of these on our street, but I just caught the tail end of what seems to be an effort to tow someone in Rogers Park. Yes, among a few extreme events may come a night or two or three of mundane and routine Police actions.

In spite of 20/20, there are some that are attentive enough not to ignore these requests. For all of the times that a car is towed from a questionable spot in Fioretti's Ward ( just across the street from the Fire Academy on Jefferson), comes a reasonable effort. However, I sometimes wonder whether the spots are always necessary or the spot holder reasonably handicapped.
2513 W. North Shore - White Toyota in the Alley blaring music.
Of course, I can't vouch for what happens before or after I turned on the scanner. However, it seems rather uneventful. When will CPD tell The Lamp Post to turn down the volume? The last two weeks have been a little high on the decibel levels.

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