Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Rogers Park Historical Society Home Tour and Other Diversions

Last Sunday marked the 22nd Annual Home Tour. Many homes in West Ridge and Rogers Park share both architectural and Community History. Our home was part of the Tour over a decade ago, but many have opened up their home or otherwiseparticipated in this annual event. The House Tour raises money for the Rogers Park West Ridge Historical Society. This is the first year that the Society will mark this occasion without the presence of Mary Jo Doyle. However, it was worth seeing familiar faces willing to carry on the tradition.

It definitely brings the community together and others into Rogers Park simply to visit. The fifteen to twenty dollar per person charge (depending upon whether you are a member) helps to defray costs for the program and for the organization in its efforts to raise awareness toward the positive history of area residents. Of course, volunteers get to go on the Tour for free one day early.

There are quite a few organizations worth seeking out, whether it's AYSO, CAPs, the Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society or the Rogers Park Garden Club. There is also a master furniture maker with classes just east of the Rogers Park Metra Station as well as Kayak courses in our Community. The Black Golf Course on Pratt just west of Ridge is the cheapest 9 holes on the Northside, where you have an interest.

If you think that your block was a mistaken lease or investment, then there are many others in Rogers Park. Sometimes, situations are safer and more sound alternatives, but simply unknown. However, there are distractions in any community, particularly in a densely populated city that can be fixated upon until that overwhelming feeling of dread sets in.

It is important to point out challenges, but 'would rather comment' upon what goes on, rather than the sound creeping out of the scanner. After about a week of the Uniden scanner, I am convinced that the bleeps are limited and experiencing it is easier. In fact, although I thought I saw what appeared like a prayer circle on Ridge and Falwell, I was encouraged by co-moderators in our Beat within this community to call it in. In hindsight, I was a bit disappointed with the idea and will think twice about it. I may turn on the Uniden, but I don't think that it is worth hovering over it.

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