Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Election is Over. Will Moore let More Sun Shine in?

As I left 1508 this evening, I never have felt more convinced that I made the right decision. I think that the out of ward union politicos kicked in more 49th Ward doors, but did it like storm troopers and left. Now, we have to pick up the pieces. Many People were ignorant of who Don is and what he stands for. Those who know remain stunned by Moore's surge. Don was a no brainer candidate to us, but the unions seemed to encourage unjustified name calling in my opinion. Also, apathy is rampant and many fear jury duty, so they don't vote. Our neighborhood mentalities need to change.
The election will be won by a sliver. It seems that the last precinct will not be reported soon. Perhaps, it is not enough to make an impact. Maybe so. We don't know. No one will concede, yet, but we may have 'status quo Joe' in my humble opinion. Well, I have not got this 'jo mo' working, just yet! Will you help?

The current tally is that, again, about one quarter of the electorate bothered to get out and vote, which means, as follows:

Alderman 49th Ward
41 of 42 precincts counted

Joe Moore

Don Gordon

Total Votes cast:

It is Orwellian to follow lockstep for Moore, when many believe that Alderman Moore carries an indefinite grudge. 'Double speak' also seems to be Moore's second language to this observer. As Native Americans allegedly put it, the 'man seems to speak with a forked tongue.' Vigilance is the only way to get Moore to listen. A bit more vigilance and we may get a committment. More attentiveness on top of that and we may get actual support. I feel like this politician is treating us like children. How many times do we have to say, "pretty, pretty, pretty please with sugar on top?"

The reason for a minimal Moore victory is based more upon the lethal combination of 49th Ward apathy, poorly educated voters who fear challengers, and questionable tactics. Dis-information by out-of-ward activists and short term RP residents, who were given marching orders, and did so blindly did not do justice. These neophytes could not figure out what to do on their own in my opinion. They did not do the right thing. Interpreted: this was Pravda, American Style. It reminds me of the Al Raby-Charlie Hayes election in Hyde Park during the Harold Washington era.
The union wanted Hayes; the community knew Raby and Rush; the machine depended upon the union and ignorant campaign workers from outside of the Congressional District to get out the vote. The Charlie Hayes campaign workers went out and got out the vote by passing out t-shirts, buttons, etcetera only to later find out that Hayes was less of what the folks in the District may have desired, perhaps. May Al Raby rest in peace knowing that some of us still appreciate his decision to run in his community. As for us, history repeated itself. It is also Orwellian to follow lockstep, when many believe that Alderman Moore carries indefinite grudges. Say it's not so, status quo Joe!

The local electorate knows Don Gordon, as a man who has the support of long time residents. We believe that Don is a local that is otherwise likely to win with a higher turn out. Don is the democrat of this election. Moore remains less in my opinion. Big box is the big money issue that has no place in the 49th Ward.
In Rogers Park, the true Camelot had its money and votes on Don Gordon. Local politics is why most of us stand with Gordon, Harrington and others. Most in the 49th either try to go to local stores like Rogers Park Fruit Market, if possible, but will shop at Costco (Niles), Target (Evanston), Sam's (Evanston), and Walmart (Niles). Dominicks is all that is left and its work force seems unpredictable. There is no room in 49, anymore, for a big box; this was Joe Moore's plan, so why is Moore beating a dead fish? It seems that he likes to beat stale fish. Perhaps, he likes the stench.

Ironically, most of our tax dollars spent on the above Big Boxes fund other nearby cities as a result of the economic exodus. Therefore, Big Box is a State of Illinois issue meant for Springfield, not Chicago. So why are the unions spending outrageous amounts of money and hours in our Ward? Could it be, ignorance of our jurisdiction's responsibilities, limitations, and consequences? Frankly, this demonstration of might is a disappointment to those of us who prefer to hire skilled union workers, ireregardless.

Don Gordon remains to me a textbook example of a political candidate given the adversity. He is rather objective, not overly confident, and his attitude and restrained emotion this evening shows me that he has the grace missing from this election and the 49th Ward. We were thrilled to see him surge to a 173 vote lead. Many of us were nauseated when Joe Moore waltzed through the nursing homes as a simultaneous poll watcher and candidate during February voting. The Union/Moore flyers were absolutely hidious. The conflict, above, deserves review; the photos are worth inspection.

In the world of the 49th Ward, fiscal year 2007, Don Gordon gave us a reason to question authority. A cause to challenge the status quo. It was a time to stand with Don Gordon, win or lose. Don has a thirty year residence and a record of community committment. When he decided at this point in his life to run for Alderman, this was reason to stand up and be counted. Many of us did. A few of us did not know Don, personally, but we knew what he stood for. Hopefully, Don will stick it out long enough to wake up others.

We cannot look back, but will look forward. We can encourage this Alderman and the people in the Ward recognize that Moore's office has sometimes leached onto the coat tails of those who successfully enforce the laws and clean up the streets. His office contributes, but cannot take credit away from those who work for the Forty Ninth Ward. We cannot ignore those who rest upon shop stewards, take advantage, and weigh down their brothers. Blue lights are a ruse to chase crime further into the neighborhoods. CPD needs to walk the beat, not fox trot up and down main streets like Howard.

We need reasonable attention and reform, not a bandaid without bactine. There are those commentators who portray a darker view. However, at least, they too, are out there watching and demonstrating to us how Moore does less. We will call Moore on every fumble and bumble he makes. We should applaud, when possible.

Every neighborhood that Moore overlooks will hopefully let Moore know. All the failures must be in technicolor until his staff takes action. We will not rest until this Ward and what many believe is our absentee Ward Committeeperson does his job, rather than let Joe posture for Loretta Swit and a few unions who struggle for membership, while disrespecting this Ward. Unions get numbers from respect, not by disrespecting the neighborhoods and ignoring the trash in our alleys and streets.
We are tired of Streets and San workers and contract labor from DevCorp, who do p*ss poor work. We clean up after some of you! Removal of the Gordon signs from live polling grounds demonstrates that Moore's supporters are a gang, not a club. Perhaps, that is how Streets and San workers keep their jobs; pulling down Moore opponent's political signs, while Moore's signs remain posted. Is that a practice worth passing on to the next Alderman? Is this the legacy of a Moore brand of democracy?

We will point out all that Moore needs to do, but won't. We will tap our resources. We will find the disgruntled and downtrodden in our neighborhood. We will expose any graft and pork that suggests or proves that Moore is truly less. Alderman Moore, as an attorney, you have ethical duties. Don't to bring down the profession and your Ward with activity that places the legal profession in ill repute. Looking the other way to abuses or loosening up to questionable activity by supporters is no sign of democratic leadership.

As a neighbor, you have a responsibility not to screw those who simply rely upon you to work with us to improve the conditions of our neighborhoods. As we look at the numerous oversights over the years, we cannot help but be pleased that Moore was a thread away from being removed from office. The rhetoric is not going to go away, overnight.

We are tired of your office's excuses and what we consider are absentee ward bosses like Fagus. There are people who are totally disappointed that you don't want to conduct town meetings. You appear too busy on pet projects like big box and foie gras, while we now end up shopping in distant Evanston and Niles. Big box is a draw; unionized or not. The 49th lost that tax base, because SEIU, among others, did not focus on how to work outside the box for unskilled labor. It is no longer a local Ward issue. A better enterprise zone with more effective incentives to promote of our retailers and service providers is the best way to draw higher wages for residents.

We can only hope that the morning brings surprises, but if it doesn't, then many of us believe that you and your supporters not only embarrassed, but trashed the 49th Ward. We cannot believe that anyone with what seems like your dwindling record in the 49th Ward is capable of changing that much. It appears to this 49th Ward resident that Joe Moore sucked up one too many french fries and is one coronary away from defeat.
Now, that I have vented, let us see if Moore makes good on his promise to reasonably represent the voters in this ward, rather than pontificating on state and national issues. We are sick of 'double speak' on local matters as well as taking away our rights and opportunities as Chicagoans.
Hey Joe, how about banning individual beer bottle sales and getting police to crack down on open and obvious alcoholics chugging down our sidewalks and tossing their empties on our lawns and public spaces? What about the Leone Beach Lifeguard Program? How about bicycle trails down Ridge Boulevard to Devon? I double dare you to let more sun shine in on this Ward!


eyesoneastlake said...

Excellent post.

Thanks for being my neighbor.

blog_lurker said...

I voted for Don Gordon in both yesterday's election and in the February election and am very happy I did so. After looking at the results from the February election I thought a Gordon victory was a long shot. To win Gordon would have had to pick up all of the Adams voters and all of the Ginderske voters which I didn't think was likely, especially after Jim Ginderske traded a seat on the zoning committee for an endorsement of Moore.

I am actually rather happy with the outcome of the election. Look at how well Don did. Moore usually got reelected without much effort but not this time. He had to fight and pull out all his dirty tricks and still he barely won (or as I write maybe barely lost).

I agree with you. Long term residents, like me, are angry at Moore, who for years tolerated drug dealers in front of his ward service office and who preferred to have his photo taken with has-been television stars rather than the drudgery of his job. My recollection of past elections is a little foggy but I don't recall anything like this one with nearly half the electorate rejecting Moore.

I frequently see comments on these blogs complaining about all of the condo conversions that have happened in the past 5 - 7 years but I can't help but wondering if a lot of new residents made a positive difference. Perhaps some of these new people turned up to vote and voted for Gordon. A new demographic might have contributed to the change we saw yesterday and might continue to do so in the future.

As much as I would have liked to have seen Don Gordon trounce Joe Moore the half of the electorate that showed up to vote for Gordon has given Moore the hard slap that he deserves. Things are changing slowly but are changing for the better.

From a rank and file voter comes a big thank you to Don Gordon and to all of those who worked on his campaign.

Fargo said...

Well said. Thank you.

Moore is less. Less is Moore.

It seems that this strong and worthy effort to get Don elected has helped to build a greater sense of community. Why stop now?

Although I would have liked to see Don win, I'm encouraged that he was able to come so close. The momentum that got so many people out to vote for Don can help Rogers Park neighbors to work together and keep the neighborhood working in spite of Joe.

Thank you, Don, for your fine efforts. Thank you, Don Gordon volunteers. I hope that you'll keep working for positive change in Rogers Park.

dennis lo bue said...

Don will always be a winner, and the people of Rogers Park are the losers, God give us some help in the next 4 years. to understand what has just happened,

Zorban99 said...

More sunlight needs to shine on the 49th Ward. Blatant election irregularities and encumbent aldermanic shenanigans go on year after year after year, and the state board of elections doesn't do anything about it. It saddens me to see my old neighborhood still lorded over by Joe Moore, one of the most obnoxious and impertinent politicos I have ever had the misfortune to know. It shames Chicago to have such a "representative".

I just got off the phone with Don Gordon's campaign - a challenge is in the works, and hundreds (if not thousands) of voters have reported on the irregularities and outright thuggery seen yesterday.

From Kansas City, I wish you all the best of luck. Dave L.