Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Does DFA = Dense Foolish Aggitators? Pathetic DFA E-mail throws salt in wounds.

Earth to DFA of the 48th Ward . . . let the court decide! This is a democracy. Moore's antics are all over the internet in living color. He cannot hide behind an electronic fig leaf! He has yet to accept it and neither has "Moore's machine."

For those who really know Don and have witnessed what he has done, the smear tactics should make it tougher for Moore to get 'street cred' if Schakowsky vacates her Congressional seat. If Evanston picks up on Moore's persona and pals, any political romance should not last long. For those who researched, voted, and celebrated Gordon's candidacy on Jarvis, we felt a sense of accomplishment in the face of labor union ignorance.

Unfortunately, Labor is so absorbed with 'Big Box' that it would plow down a community to plop their castle down upon Rogers Park residents just to secure an irrelevant spokesperson or council vote. Silly Rabbits, labor unions will win or lose based upon whether disenfranchised immigrants are legalized, so that they can be unionized. Unions have historically come to the aide of disenfranchised immigrants. Big box is for simple minds.

The Gordon Movement is a democrat thing. You don't peddle petty politics and throw slime at good neighbors. The scum factor on Moore's antics seemed to go off the O'Reilly/Franken political Richter scale. This is at a time when nepotism and incumbency trends reach historic highs. Where do we start? When does it end? When will Aldermen learn to "Move on" and not create fiefdoms when the community gives them enough of a hint?

It is disappointing that many perceive Moore's supporters as a bunch of misfits, transplants and outsiders who spent a few hours or weeks in Rogers Park choosing to sell their 'funky spunk' about Gordon to lesser educated voters. Where were we, well, many were 'hoping' others already got the message. 'On incumbency?' This does not smack of Mill!

The Moore folks never had the objectivity to discover who Don is and what "he" stands for. Don's no Republican. It was great to see Harrington and the real heroes of Rogers Park stand tall at the runoff. There was no better place for me to be than on Jarvis Street celebrating Gordon's candidacy.

Perhaps, Moore's depositions and testimony demonstrate to the electortae and some unbiased judge what Moore did. It forces Moore to face up and "may" create the basis for a grand jury. Then, again, Moore may also have his day in court to clear the air.

If Moore's 49th Ward antics were 'street legal,' then only candidates, supporters, and the Aldermen can create more ethical elections. Frankly, I wish I got a 'Gordon button' with that banana! I hope that the assigned Judge changes venue if he ever worked with Joe at the Corp Counsel's office or knows/worked with Joe in some other inappropriate capacity. This should be disclosed so that future speculation ends. The arguable lack of credibility that Moore demonstrated in this election echoed through his acts (axe?)and campaign literature.

I wish that Moore knew how to tone it down when the chips are down. Ultimately, we are stuck with the lesser of the two candidates. Frankly, I would fear Fagus More. Pun intended.

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eyesoneastlake said...

"Moore's antics are all over the internet in living color. He cannot hid(e) behind an electronic fig leaf!"

whoever you are... i love you.