Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fair Feathered Pigeon Poop Parking Palace @ H Street Terminal

How many have heard the cooing of pigeons at the Howard Terminal Parking Lot? Have you experienced the wet white stuff on your car's hood or on your head for that matter? Have you agonized about the bum who rarely, but randomly uses the parking lots stairwell to drop his drawers and unload? Have you inhaled the scent from those who occasionally find solace and pee in the elevator? Could it be a Cubs fan, who could not bother to find Dominicks? Or just one of the mentally defective? It appears that the Howard Street Terminal needs a bathroom or a good beat cop to arrest or scare off these idiots.
Have you ever Complained to the CTA or Standard Parking lot and CTA Terminal planners to no avail at Gale School? Folks, you are not alone in your disappointment. However, I have to give credit to the new Mexican maintenance man.
Just continue to flood Standard Parking with calls until dear Irma cries "pigeon prongs" and bids out and contracts to do the job to rid us of the wet stuff. Her telephone number is on all of the Standard monthly parking solicitation posters. BTW. the Mexican gentleman that Standard hired seems to do a better job then the ten CTA platform clean up workers, combined, when Standard schedules him to work. Recently, the stench seems to have died down, but the birds must depart. Anti-pigeon prongs, Irma; use them and lose them.

I, too, have complained with little results at the Standard Parking lots front office in downtown Chicago. However, I encourage you to flood that office with calls. Use the monthly parking plan number. Let Irma and the managers know over and over about piss in the elevantor. All Irma has to do is call CAPs Rogers Park's neighborhood rep and complain. Also, the roost that they are raising on the beams and halogen fixtures must go. Each night the screech is turned off and the local pigeons return home for some shut eye and to tend to their nests. A few have gotten used to the bogus bird cry and are now immune from fear.

Does anyone know how to entice a predator interested in pigeon steak? What is that Tom Lehrer tune about pigeons in the park, anyway?


Anonymous said...

TW is registered in the 40th, not the 49th per...

Who is he vetoing for ?

lafew said...

Who is TW? Its not me. This blogger lives in the 49th and is voting in the 49th. Those who have half an education and some GDI are uncomfortable with the status quo.

Fargo said...

"Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" - a fine little ditty. ;)