Saturday, April 14, 2007

Will Work Continue on the Howard Street Terminal Project? "Could it be, [Joseph]?"

Well, I hate to use catchphrases from Dana Carvey's Church Lady. However, today, in my frustration, I went to "Ask Carol" this morning on my PDA. This is CTA Chairman of the Board, Carol Brown's Blog. You can find it at I e-mailed her to ask why the H Street Terminal Renovation Project was 'on ice.' No answer, but when I returned to Pigeon Poop Parking Lot in the late evening, I observed a rather large crane in operation and workers on the platform. Could it be or was it just a coincidence?

I mentioned my fear to Carol that Moore's mouthing off about Washinton Street and the timing. You see, the Moore posturing seemed to coincide with a work stoppage in the snail paced construction witnessed at the Howard Street Terminal. Perhaps, it was the weather, perhaps, the wind in Joe's wings. All that I know is the work stopped.

Well, now that it has started, how long will construction continue, unabated? How long will it take to convince the CTA that clean and secure bathrooms at a major CTA terminal are worth reasonable consideration in the long run, even if they must be privately run? Does anyone have time to "Ask Carol?"


Anonymous said...

TW is registered in the 40th, not the 49th per...

Who is he vetoing for ?

Breanna said...

Good for people to know.