Sunday, October 26, 2008

The World is Watching - Near Head on Collision by Cop Car

Police indiscretion is visible and under reported. This is not disrespect; just disappointment. Most Chicagoans know that Chicago Police Officers demonstrate public disrespect for the traffic laws. When a safe option to ticket is there, police are known to overlook it, as well. Officers lose the credibility war, when they violate traffic laws, among other indiscretions. I was not the only one who witnessed the near 'head on collision' at Ridge and Chase this evening at 8:58 p.m. The officer would have been at fault, but is that how it would be reported?

I watched as a squad car parked in front of the alley sidesaddle to the sidewalk under construction on the north side of Chase. An officer stepped out of his squad car. He left the motor running. Someone was walking their small dog. Apparently, the officer was convinced that the dog walker wasn't going to commit grand theft auto this evening in a squad car. I'll leave some facts out. The officer walked north down the alley to a gated porch stairwell. He was greeted about thirty seconds later and let in.

Another forty five seconds passed before he trotted down the stairs and off to his squad car. Rather than properly head east down Chase, a one way street; or down the alley heading south to Rogers, the officer did a U turn against traffic and drove west bound on up one way Chase. At 8:58 p.m. this exemplary specimen of Chicago's Brainiest suddenly stopped within five feet of a 'head on collision' with a yellow colored taxi cab turning right onRidge and Chase. Your tax dollars at work.

If the 24th District officer is reading this, there were at least three witnesses. All of us were disappointed. A decision was made not to release the squad car number or the peace officer's description. However, we want you to know that we are watching. If we see you get into an accident, then OPS should know who caused it. Also, the lazy recklessness that goes into such a thoughtless act!

Be a good neighbor. State Farm is not always there. Follow the traffic laws like the rest of us! How can we encourage Police compliance without citations? Just a public warning?

I have seen Fire Truck travel at 50 mph or more up Rogers, among other indiscretions. We hear about Fire truck/car collisions too often these days. Those who serve to protect should not have to swerve, project, and perhaps, even eject!

I encourage those in Rogers Park who have the time, squad car number, and location to report CPD traffic violations as comments, among other concerns. Perhaps, online public embarrassment may make a difference. Perhaps Caluris might read this. Then, again, we didn't bother to identify the officer, so maybe he will ignore it.

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