Monday, October 20, 2008

Rogers Park, When No One is Watching

I was given a privilege to participate as a soccer dad in Rogers Park AYSO. For those without the experience, who pretend that Rogers Park lacks good neighbors, you may want to rethink that assumption. As I read this Obama piece with amusement, I thought of all the 'sung' but subtle AYSO volunteers in our community who use the resources and volunteer to improve our community. A few are known entities; I don't know that Joe Moore had children in AYSO; perhaps so, but Nathan was not on my watch.

It is certainly amusing for Obama to descend upon a Lake Front Soccer field, but there are many public figures who go on doing their jobs and still find time to serve their community. Yes, the baseball cap does bring Obama down to earth, since he is a contemporary, many of us contemporaries who do justice to our community also find time to work as volunteers.

For those in that position with kids, don't just attend the games, ensure that the games continue to happen for all who have yet to participate. Rogers Park AYSO needs referees, among others. AYSO Rogers Park is as significant as you want it to be. Being a soccer mom does not have to be cliche. Watching a child interact with other kids to reach any goal is quite an experience, even when they don't score. Take time out to participate in life. Don't be a statistic.

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