Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reply to Dennis Rodkin; In a Nutshell, Appreciated.

For those who follow this rather slow blog, Dennis Rodkin just replied. His thoughtful post is the last comment in the previous piece. Mr. Rodkin, I appreciate the response and don't mean to sound formal. Sometimes, I feel a rasp in the writing, but revisions remain focused on the speculation and skepticism. I am no stranger to the provocative, which draws attention. I read Ted Allen's article on Chaz, but did not recall the author. It was well written, but I found the Chaz billboards beyond tacky. Whatever happened to the Chaz?

Alleged Visit

Apparently, my recollection of who I actually met and where must have failed to pierce through the haze of my aging and slightly disoriented memory. Perhaps, not you? The reason for the conceivable visit may have been my past involvement with the Illinois Orchid Society's Annual Show at the Botanic Garden. I am curious if this rings a bell. If not, then I must be mistaken and stand corrected.

That Annual Spring IOS show is huge and quite a spectacle. The Fall Show is small by comparison. Nevertheless, the IOS seems regularly overlooked by Chicago Magazine. This, even though the Society, among others have existed in the area since the early fifties. I think that the Show made the Robb Report. Maybe Chicago Magazine eventually included a piece on it. I recall leaving a PSA and some purple and white promotional materials with some Chicago Magazine writer. Who I actually visited and where must have eluded me.

That Orchid Organization returned to Botanic Gardens from a brief stint at Oakton Community College. Did a zealous IOS PR Person have any contact with you in the distant? I may have stopped off in Rogers Park. Like you said, it may have been someone else from the publication who ignored the effort.

The Love/Hate Relationship with Chicago Magazine from a Native Chicagoan's Vantage Point.

I am now on my 10th to 20th year on and off with the Chicago Magazine subscription. I think that everyone 'without deal estate size funds' has a love/hate relationship with the opulent ouzo of Chicago Mags articles. The Dreihaus Fourth of July Parties and Blue Blood articles fascinate some of us, but eventually begin to reek of anise when in overdrive. Maybe we fall in the arguable, but private 'nouveau pobre' ambiance. The phrase "nouveau pobre" was coined by someone other than me. Perhaps, it does not apply.
I haven't thrived on publicity, nor did family. I recall the Zahn kidnapping and his eventual escape. I wonder how many remember that story? Was there ever any follow up, because that story seemed like it was lost to history? Zahn was quite a publicity hound from what I was told until after the kidnapping and his escape.

This is about the fourth or fifth generation in Chicago with some in the family tree remaining on either coast and a few who left for other continents. I expect to remain and look forward to RP improvements.

Now RP Development in Spite of the Dogs of Gore

On Rogers Park developments, where can anyone begin. The Howard Terminal and the new apartments on Howard seem like quite a change. The RP Parent Club that you can locate at may reveal a transformation of sorts. A few of us are staying put and taking the CPS System seriously.

The old condo developments like Casa Bonita on Ridge Blvd near St. Scholastica and the Castle Condos by Indian Boundary Park have yet to be revealed in their full splendor. The HGTV show on the Oakley Property just north of Touhy ignored some of the new condos emerging down Touhy.

However, I am always fascinated by the Prairie Style Arts and Craft Stucco single family homes on and off Ridge. I regret the loss of the home on the Corner of Ridge and Rogers kitty corner from the Lamp Post. Nevertheless, the auction for the condo by Ridge and Chase should get some attention.
One thing that you might have meant to bring attention to is that Ted Allen once lived in Rogers Park, as well. Of course, I understood that he moved out, when Queer Eye went platinum for New Yorkers. I regret no Queer Eye visits to RP. I enjoy his current show, but we can always hope that he encourages attention for Rogers Park, as well.
I am glad to hear that you make efforts to keep your independence. Many readers might fear otherwise. It is obvious that the value of real estate dictates demand, even if a good location is in the eyes of the beholder. I thrive on the diversity of a non-Wonderbread world. Some don't. I harbor no grudges, just curiousity. Thanks for the insight.

The Next RP Piece is One that Some Should have Done Years Ago! Perhaps, it was, but forgotten. Check back on Thursday.


dennis rodkin said...

Nope, I don't think I was the one you spoke to about the orchid club. --Dennis

lafew said...

Well, now you have me wondering who I spoke with. I believed that it was a known freelance writer for Chicago Magazine during the early to mid nineties.

It looks like I will have to play trivial pursuit on my own time.

FWIW, has anyone else seen the IOS Spring Show at Botanic Gardens besides me? I am no longer active in that organization, but one of the benefits of RP is the proximity between the Loop and the Suburbs.