Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Howard Terminal Welcome - Introducing Gang Graffiti

I thought that I would give the graffiti busters about three days before I posted this. It seems that someone is too tired to paint the garage white. Does anyone want to call Streets and San? Will our Alderman's Office pay attention to the way that a few of our neighborhood wannabes want to welcome the 290 into the terminal, among other routes?
It seems like the owner of this garage could care less?


bg said...

Thanks for pointing out the gang graffiti. Since I'm assuming you're in beat 2424, thought you might like to know about graffiti around Pottawattomie Park. Reported it this evening. Didn't see a way of e-mailing you directly so am using a post. See ya (?) at the next CAPS meeting.


lafew said...

Craig Gerhardt reported the Pottawattomie graffiti on his blog. The buildings have been repeatedly tagged and there were allegations that I. B. M. stands for "Insane Black Mafia." There is confusion over whether those who posted are a bunch of computer geeks. However, the Park District should black top over the asphalt, which is one possible way to get rid of it.

lafew said...

In general, the best way to deter graffiti is to clean it up as soon as it is posted or possible. The Graffiti busters don't have enough time to do it and the Park District should really consider "volunteers" for this sort of thing.