Sunday, August 12, 2007

Damen and Rogers This Evening: Two Police Cars, a Hispanic in handcuffs, and a Few Gawkers. Any thoughts?

Just curious if anyone had any idea about the scene earlier today at around 7:00 p.m. I drove down Rogers, noticed a few African Americans, one of which had a black doorag on his head over by Summit Grocery Store. Just west, one or two Hispanic men were either stationary, walking or talking just east near the Laundromat in front of the boarded up store front. The storefront, by the way, that I love to complain about. A child was also in front of 'the Mat' with the blinking fluorescent lights.

Upon return from Dominicks about a half an hour later, one of the Hispanics was in cuffs at Damen and Rogers. One of the African American twenty-somethings with the Black doo-rag was chatting it up with one of the officers in the car parked in front of Summit. There were about two or three squad cars. Anyone know what happened? Just another drug bust? Reverse buy? Just curious.


Craig Gernhardt said...

This is where I always get in trouble. I go up and ask the officers questions.

Couch Captain said...

Just wondering why you mentioned that the Black dude had a do-rag on his head. How does this play into the story.

Or when you see such a rag do you think thug?

When I walk around the area going here and there I always make a point to say good afternoon or hello to anyone I pass. I notice people like you (let me guess you are of course a very nice white person) are afraid to say hello. I don't wear the rags but I do have unnormal hair that can be really scary I know.

But the book by it's cover thing is wasted here when you can just use race to decide who the good and bad people are.

I was in Germany a few years back, long story won't bore you with details. A German 30 something guy told a German girl not to talk to the American Blacks because they are violent and dangerous. I thought what an odd comment from a guy who's parents killed 6 million Jews and countless others, hmmm and the American Black are violent. Odd how we see our world.

lafew said...

Some of what was written is based upon an assumption, carnal. An apology or is it best to take the Fifth? I am not talking Ludwig von,either.

First, a doo rag 'was' (not is) something often traditionally worn in the home. Some chose and still choose to wear it outside. It has been around since the eighties. It does not make the same bold statement that it once made in my humble opinion; some white folks in the suburbs even wear do rags, as well! I wore a doo rag!

I think that the 'doo rage' as some refer to it, has been brought out the closet one too many times. It is now as popular as a baseball cap. A doo rag is beginning to look tacky to me like those Middle Eastern hats with flaps that so few now wear. Do you know what those hats are called? Of course, I can accept doo rags for the next century.

My effort to point 'the doo rag rag rag the doo rag rag' out was based more on identifying the actors from 7 to 8pm. I have yet to know what really happened and you don't seem to have a clue, either, Colonel Mustard.

Maybe the Hispanic harassed the African American, so the dude with the doo rag got on his cell phone and called Chicago's Finest for back up.

I noticed that you make the assumption that I am 'white.' I tried to remain a bit objective about the arrest and identified the potential actors. How? Clothing Holmes.

My intended alusion was that 'the African American' may have been undercover cop. Dios mio, how lofty of me! To accuse an African American of being a possible persecutor of Hispanics. . . at times. He was wearing a doo rag, but hanging around that cop car like a fly on 'papel matamoscas,' not wearing the traditional bleach white t-shirt that is traditional garb for the typical African American gangbanger or wannabe trying to confuse cops. It is hard to describe facial features, when some crop their hair short in unison, as well.

Put a 'white boy' in the same doo rag and you can identify him by his clothes or gym shoes, etc. as well. It arguably makes it more difficult to identify the white guy, as well, but then again, how many white breaded Americans wear doo rags and bleach white t-shirts these days?

It will change; many white suburbanites are wannabe gangsters, too, as long as they don't have to do a drug deal. Apparently, I neglected to make the alusion about the possible undercover African American cop well enough, Captain.

I hope that you appreciate my challenges. By the way, I don't afford to travel to far away destinations in Europe, perhaps Dusseldorf. Not enough time, too much rent, perhaps not a good enough job. . . debt. Did not join the Army, Navy Air Force or Marines. Could I be . . . un-American, perhaps I'm an anarchist, or god forbid an illegal alien? [menacing music in the background] I have not been back to Mexico since 1986. What do you want to assume from those additional statement? I am just writing and I promise not to bite, even if this commentary expresses my amusement with the assumptions.

The best thing to do is not to point a finger or read too deeply between the some lines and not other script. Where is Tenille when you need her, Captain?

Strangly, I also have an extremely fond connection to Tchula, Mississippi and Holmes County. I spent time on the South side in Rush's Ward before Hayes even owned it and saw Al Raby, my hero, get steamrollered by the Unions, as well.

I would have lived on the southside near Cottage Grove, but for my significant other. Of course, I also make it a point to say hello to my neighbors, as well. Guttenmorgen and buenos dias, senior. Favor de Dejarme la oportunidad.

Michael J. Harrington said...

I'm as anxious about and watchful (and I admit often irritable) about race issues in our 'hood as anyone. However, I got a different take on this blog post situation, after noting the headline about who was in the handcuffs versus who was talking to the police.

I assumed it was another episode in the sad and ongoing Rogers Avenue and Pottawattomie Park struggle over turf between Latinos and Blacks (youth, gangs, or whomever). It seemed that the Black man was either a victim or witness (or undercover cop, hmmm?) and the Latino in cuffs was the suspect or alleged offender.

Beyond this apparent crime incident, maybe the Rogers Park Community Relations Action Team needs to pay a visit over there to engage residents in some communications, racial healing, and a resolution to this longstanding issue. I moved here over a decade ago and learned very quickly, as a Black man, to watch my back when I ventured along the Rogers Avenue turf line west of Clark Street.

Couch Captain said...

Ok so maybe I was a little quick at the draw. Point I was making was that we see race at a threat based on where we are sitting at the time...I like the way you write a fun read. FYI I hate those doo, or do do rags.
Back in the jerrycurl days we wore caps at night to keep all that goo from getting in the sheets. Thank god we moved on to weaves, braids, and fades. The caps or rags should be banned.

I am Black, and male but I swear I only have a few white shirts, all the kind you wear with a suit. Oh I do have one tank top in white. But, was there a memo or something? Did I miss something, I mean every corner of the city you got tons of Black youth in the over sized white tees...what da? To Confuse police you say, I'll take that as the joke you meant it as...funny.

Was listening to this radio jerk the other day, said he hates Rev. Jesse, and that father priest dude he's hanging with. Then I started to wonder who if any White folk loved Martin Luther King...when he was alive, of course even Bush loves him dead, I mean now. So anyway it's a stupid question but do you know anybody who likes Lou Dobbs.
Captain Mustard, Crunch, I've heard'em all...out

lafew said...

CC et. al. the Hispanic guy who was cuffed looked like he was getting older as I drove by him. He looked like he was late thirties to late fourties depending upon his regular alcohol intake. For some, as we know, alcohol can do wonders to the aging process! It certain can create some belligerence, as well.

I have seen a few guys periodically hanging around at either Summit Grocery or the former Convenient Store next door. Whether they are looking for someone to buy them a six pack is speculation.

I have seen quite a mix of people in the Winchester and Rogers area, but few hassles other than this weekend and the 'alleged bust' of the Florida minimum security prisoner, who escaped to Chicago.

Some of us are likely more sensitive to situations, which is definitely appreciated. We just need to sometimes take it down a notch to normalize things. Eventually, people will start appreciating how to live. Frankly, I need more exercise, so a walk in the park should be mandatory.

This is what I learned in Bedford Steyvesant 101 in 1981 as a visitor. When your walking in the neighborhood at night, act like you live there and no one is going to bother you.

I took it one step further, imagine that you just foreclosed on a home one block away and focus on it like you have the key. Repeat the exercise until you get to your destination. It baffles the regulars.

On a few of CCs thoughts, some of which were quite amusing:

I gained appreciation for Reverend Jesse Jackson Jr., over time, amidst his trial and error. He has become more reliable. Now his son and daughter in law are bona fide politicians.

The Al Sharpton and Twanna Brawley special was a bit flamboyant. I appreciate that Sharpton 'may' not have known, but that hairdo is as extreme as The Donald.

I mean, the man moved and just look where Reverend Al is today! A star on nationwide syndicated television teaching people how to be successful, while looking to extend his tenticles into Operation Breadbasket mmmm PUSH mmm Rainbow Coalition mmmmmmm. However, I digress, even though some see him as a some sort of spokesman in a world of better examples.

Lou Dobb seems articulate and brain dead to me when it comes to his perception of lawful immigration. It has become difficult even for the spouses of U.S. Citizens, who came as children into the U.S. Reverend Lou is posturing for Peoria, not Pilsen. DHS will not go into Chicago en masse without being politically pitchforked into total retreat. Carpentersville, Peoria or Waukegan are easier political targets, while the unlawful population grows to encourage emigration.

I visited the Ebenezer Baptist Church, MLKs Memorial as well as the Shotgun homes, among others around Landmark Atlanta just before the Olympics. Having grown up in the sixties and seventies, it is fascinating to see MLK Jr.'s home with all the earmarks of my childhood on it. What I mean is that the Church and MLK house are dated as most National Landmarks.

It was really frustrating when my black and gold coffee mug from the MLK Center finally broke from a stress fracture after six years. Maybe it was a symbolic gesture from above to encourage an awakening. It is late; I have to go to sleep.

Michael J. Harrington said...

Couch Captain, I never did the jericurl and wrap thing, and was blessed with a huge 'fro for years until I went Telly Savalas bald! Hey, I'm interested in connecting with other Blacks Who Blog here. Please email me at Thanx.

Jocelyn said...

Couch Captain, The POLICE said that exact thing at my last CAPs meeting. A new guy asked, "What's with the white t-shirts?" The police said, "These guys are not stupid ya know. They all wear the same clothes and then are much harder to find..." Now I believe a far amount of what we citizens are told in CAPs meeting is utter BS, but I thought this might be true (to an extent). Are you saying you think it's false?