Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Tomato Plant that was Left for Us

I’ve begun to appreciate the little things.  However all that I am left to nurture, for now, is a small tomato plant. It was a gift from him for Mother's Day. It now serves as the memory of a child who has left and needs to return. The plant seems endowed with love and cherished memories. It reminds me of times that I can only pray for. The conception of loss is now overwhelming. Yet, I have to believe that we reclaim what seems taken for granted.

There were warning signs. Sometimes, I inferred advice by bearing witness to others. In the process, I ignored what was more essential and staring directly at me. You can buy a whole library of self help books in an effort to pave the path of parenthood. Perhaps, even read a few of them, but applying the knowledge can be a battle.

Once I felt more responsible. Like conceptions that come and go, I feel like I am chasing a dream that was handed to me, but denied to others. Unfortunately, parents cast opportunities aside. We should nurture kids to be stable and strong as the tomato plant that we are now left to care for until he returns.

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