Thursday, July 24, 2008

Skunk stuck in Yoplait Container Surprises Neighbors at Chase and Ridge

Yesterday, a skunk with a preference for Yoplait was discovered with head encased in a yogurt cup near Chase and Ridge. According to concerned neighbors, the furry black and white varmint with extremely noxious scent glands was seen running around in circles. It was also viewed doing other odd and contorted jigs for local residents. We are unsure whether the skunk that another neighbor is smoking had any effect on this Pepe Le Pew's propensity to get the munchies.

This dance was an effort to rid itself of the plastic yogurt cannister left by local litterbugs. Fortunately, with additional local attention, the skunk freaked out and managed to make the right move; it suddenly separated from his visual obstruction and head east. This is not the first sighting of a skunk with a taste for Yogurt; one was also spotted doing a similar dance in Hopkinton, MA on the morning of September 17, 2007. [note: use the "find" function in your browser to uncover news of the Hopkinton Skunk Dance].

I understand that a group of garbage loving skunks have now found a habitat near our Veola dumpsters in the alley just east of Ridge behind 7239, but roam the sidewalks, as well. Neighbors strongly suggest that pedestrians approach with caution. Also, discourage neighbors from dropping Popeye's chicken leftovers, McDonalds, other fast food waste, and yogurt cups anywhere other than in local trash cans. Otherwise, you may be bathing in tomato juice for a week, when you meet up with a skunk that does not want to get to know you.

In the last week, we have noticed about two incidents where skunks lifted their tails, so to speak. We are unsure if there are any locals who were the recepients of the exotic perfume, but have no doubt that it won't be difficult to determine.

Again, use caution. For those who are unaware, according to Streets and San, the rats not only appreciate and multiply from the fast food leftovers, but also feast on dog feces, as well. There is a reason for those little dog doo bags, so use them.

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