Saturday, July 12, 2008

Heading to the Fox River, but Enough in RP

We just hooked up with the Prairie State Canoists. The group has numerous trips over the year. Sunday's voyage is down the Fox River. One of the challenges is getting the cars to the pick up point. This is made much easier when you canoe in a group. PSC has been around for years. We will likely spend more time in the Wenonah with our 'outward hound.'

It will also give us the chance to explore other areas. It seems that a number of people in the area are members, but they don't blog much. The cost to join is $20, but they encourage guests to join them. However, you must phone or e-mail to confirm if there is room.
Has anyone heard of the Midwest Adventurer Travellers Club of Chicago? FWIW, Sunday is the Celebrate Clark Street Festival (1pm-11pm) and the Lincoln Park Boat Club's Chicago Sprints Regatta.

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