Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thomas Dalof Saga - What about the other Thugs?

Should the media fixate exclusively upon Boubacar Bah? He is alleged to have intentionally hit Thomas Dalof with his 1994 Buick Skylark in Edgewater near Granville and Lakewood. What about the four or more guys who kept Dalof and his friend from leaving in another friend's car?

When you aide and abet a crime, you can be considered an accomplice or co-conspirator. Obviously, Dalof's surviving friends can hopefully identify these co-horts. I hope that Police consider other counts and suspects. Those who cajole others to commit voluntary manslaughter deserve to be charged, as well, even if a jury must struggle with whether to convict.

Where was the bouncer? Was Bah and his buddies served until they were blitzed? Will that liquor license be pulled?


Catherine on Eastlake said...

There is a movie from 1988... "The Accused" ... that exemplifies your argument.

I hope someone hunts those other jerks down.

Jeff Tyson said...

If I see your sister, daughter or mother being beaten and nothing is done in this case, I will walk away.
IF found guilty of reckless homicide, he will get 3 years and serve <2. No one has been charged for the damaged cars, assault on girl and hero.
Now's your chance to do something or nothing. Choose wisely.

Jeff Tyson said...

HERO-Tom Dalof,26
Memorial visitation Sunday, March 30, until time of service 2pm.
Drake & Son 5303 N Western, Chicago
773 561-6874

lafew said...

I want to personally apologize for not posting Tom Dalof's Memorial, sooner. I am familiar with the location of the incident near the Kitty Moon and the Hollywood Video. My sincere condolences go out to the family. Hindsight is always 20/20.

As stated, those who egged the accused on deserve an indictment, as well. However, credibility, discretion and evidence can challenge our perceptions of reality.

I regret that I receive over one hundred e-mails each day and have yet to find this one.