Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Rogers Park Tourist - News @ 11pm

Six bells and all is well. Hark, who goes there? Tourist? Meandering around and bothering natives with camera clicking? Fie on thee scurvy demented soul. . . yeh say ye are rrrr local? What would a fine lad like you be dithering with a box like that stealing people's souls?
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhh, expecting an opportune moment to catch the heathen slithering in around ye ole tracks and onto the platform? Have ye no fear, pagan; the heathen will slice your neck and roast yer ears for supper? Where is thy reason, boy?

I am so tired of hearing the blotter, blithering ignorance, and review of a few power tripping anonymous comments! This is not a reference to the routine gossip among the RP blogging community. Believe me! When do some begin to live and 'get a life? Let's here it for anonymous in his/her refusal to take any responsibility for a few questionable comments about Rogers Park.

I am an at dusk person, who routinely experiences RP at night, whether it is on the Howard Terminal Platform or waiting for tips or wings at Buffalo Joes. I don't fixate on peoples' Football or Baseball jerseys. I have better things to do than predict who is the L.A. Raiders fan, the poser, or the few pumping for power at some gangster picnic or street corner.

Well, tonight, I got a kick out of the mocking that someone left on the dust covering some of Standard Parking lot's finest patrons: "Tow me . . . I dare you." Does anyone think that Gabriel from Standard's centeral office in Streeterville gives a crap about freeing up some of those parking spaces and giving the 'Lincoln Pirates' their just desserts?

I suppose a few posers have spoken in RP, but perhaps they are from some other community. The power of the internet. Do you believe everything that you read. Do you objectively pay attention to everything that you see? Has anyone forgotten that segregation was supposed to end in the Seventies but for prejudiced real estate agents on a mission to limit diversity and prosperity.

We should not pretend that St.Margaret Mary’s Parish has been overcome by the sentries of Stoneville! Three hail Mary’s, but no great volleys of gun fire here! Head South, my man, head south, but veer away from 26th and Cal! The Paddy wagon is not a cool ride.

Frankly, I am too busy trying to make some cents out of life, rather than freaking out over a few northbound yuppies with BMWs. Well, at least I can get here from there without selling crack or cracking a few ribs for that matter! I have lived on and off in RP for over forty years; get used to it! Yes, some of your neighbors actually have pale complexions and have lived here for years wih both day and evening jobs.
Lions and Tigers and Bears? Use common sense and if you don't have the street saavy, check out J. J. Bittenbinder. BTW, that is one heck of a handlebar moustache!

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