Friday, January 07, 2011

An Incredible Lightness of Brain or What? Who is the Rahminator for $25?

It disappoints me that those who should run from mayor, won't run.  Does it really cost that much? Will it cost you more when corruption creates disruption?

Those who often now run for mayor have less credibility than ever.  This leaves a potential void and vacuum. The two Mayor Daley's worked within the States Attorney's Office. Washington practiced law in Chicago and served for years as a credible representative of Hyde Park.

Danny Davis is gone.  He was a former alderman, postman, and current U.S. Representative. He lived in Chicago for decades. Well, his staff could not figure out the search engine concept, so no one could donate online.  This meant that Rahm website showed up instead of his. Yeah, type in "Danny Davis" and we got Rahm's linked adverstisement. As a result Danny's Staff made him appear less competent due to this tech glitch. It was not a money thing; Danny did not know how to campaign in the 21st Century!

Now, the front runners, and one questionable exception, Del Valle, are all that remain on the ballot. Danny Davis felt that Carol Mosely Braun reflects his mindset.  Perhaps, I agree, but not based upon anything other than the fact that she has been in the area.  The Rahminator just isn't here.

Rahm waltzed into the U.S. Representatives Office after Rod left to seek green pastures. Yep, Rod's misrepresentation to authorities led to his undoing to date.  Who knows how many times Rahm did the same.  It is called prosecutorial discretion, I guess.

Rahm served in the same District that brought us a Republican, Michael P. Flannagan, that ended the 'reign of Rostenkowski.'  In its wake, the Democrats were too ignorant to foster enough contact with the public to train and spawn a credible candidate.  So the District served as a vacuum for a nearly lifelong suburbanite named Rahm.  Rahm brought Mayor Richard M. Daley the suburban financial power needed to overcome the opposition. Rahm claimed that he was somehow a Chicagoan due to a brief stint as a toddler at Anshe Emet before his family moved to Wilmette.  He moved to Chicago to work for the campaign only to end up in Washington, DC for most of his working life. This included his rise to U.S. Representative, where he had questionable appreciation for the needs of urban Chicago.

His time with Federal law, not the inner workings of Chicago Municipal Government create issues.  He is an outsider, who has upset many Alderman, lawful and unlawful immigrants, and Citizens that he seeks to represent.  He has stabbed holes in the political emotions of others with his raspy rhetoric. He appeared divisive and counterproductive to the Federal body politique.  Now a bunch of Chicagoans want this type of politician to serve as our mayor? Or is the money coming from some DNC fanatics.

I just don't understand.  Why will any Chicagoan's put our City in jeopardy just for a name?  Who will we get next, Minister Farrakhan? Reverend Meeks? Why has the Democratic Party alienated so many Chicagoans from running for office? How can it stop mismanagement at the public trough? Yet, enough of us know that both the Green and Republican Parties are no viable option!

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