Friday, February 05, 2010

Obama, Don't Take it Personally, Kirk Wins, Bernstein Almost! Bottom Line: Fight for Seal

I am a non-partisan, but as an independent observer, Giannoulias has a challenge for many reasons. First, he is a newcomer on the political scene. He just became Illinois Treasurer and is six years younger. He has significantly less experience and credibility than his challenger. Of course, he has the hard to pronounce Greek name, as well. I can just feel the Opaa, which can scare off voters, even if I enjoy Greece and Greek Culture!
What clinches it for Mark Kirk is that he is viewed by most as a moderate, even if some try to challenge. It will take brains, not brawn, to beat him. Frankly, the current Democratic Strategists seem incapable, incompetent, and presumptuous!

Would I like Giannoulias to win? Likely. Yet, he needs to review how to present his platform on the issues. I just don't think that his current team can do it! In an election bound to bring out the worst in some Democrats, Mark Kirk will get the nod. Voters won't necessarily come from City limits, but will come from everywhere else. The City does not 'currently' have the drive to get out the vote for Gianoulias. The lawn signs and leaflets taped to doors 'turn off' voters!

There is not currently enough interest in this election. The voters are not voting in droves. The 'populist Jewish name' garnered more interest than the most recommended Judges. Even the recommended arguable Jewish surnames like Bender and Greenspan were overlooked by actual voters! Mary Trew, a qualified candidate, nearly lost her election to the least competent candidate, Bernstein. Subcircuit 9A became a circus of political irresponsibility. Yet, Bernstein got his name out!

Bernstein, who is an Evanston Councilman with supposedly little or no recent experience in Court, per ALL lawyers organizations, beat the experienced. Bernstein nearly took the election. He could have been a member of the Socialist White People's Party. It was a near Democratic disgrace. Bernstein should have never run, IMHO, but he had the right to run! It was his choice and his supporters went all out! Perhaps, Bernstein should have run against Gianoulias! This election is one more reason why merit selection of judges should be reconsidered!

That said, the Dems have to look at realistic options. Danny Davis, among others, could have run for U.S. Senate! What are these Dems thinking? Why put out the ethnic name of the son of a dubious banker, whose bank is allegedly in hot water? Yes, Hoffman came out as the reformer. Unfortunately, he appeared to have little experience and limited name recognition. His stint trying to clean up Chicago politics was an obscure fact to most voters. He was a political lesser known 'Jim Thompson' looking to be a somebody. He ran against a politician with limited experience, some name recognition, and the political machine firmly behind his opponent.

Gianoulias and Scott Lee Hooker err Cohen remain mistakes, but not disasters, even if they lose. Now, its time to regroup or concede, but carefully build support Seals, because Dold is on the war path! If Dold appears like a moderate, then Seals' loses! The Democrats must find a way to be civil, not pushy. You can't send pushy Fuller Brush Salesmen door to door on the Northshore and expect to sell voters. It backfires like 'greasy kids stuff' at a '1970s Happening!'

There are more effective ways to reach Northshore Voters without upsetting them. Dold has firm backing from moderate groups that can make a difference. If the Democrats, including the DFA don't get the message, then the Northshore will dump Seals like bruised goods. Yet, few want to see someone like Seal with such drive simply crash, burn, and get slaughtered. This comes from someone who has lived on the Northshore for their entire life.

Yes, Seal has a chance. Learn how to circle the wagons, not pitch a match on the kerosene that lights another backfire.

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