Monday, September 21, 2009

Rogers Park Garden Group Sale on Sunday 10am-1pm

For those who remember my false alarm, this Sunday is the day for the RP Garden Group Sale. The place is in front of Charmers and the entire Sidewalk block down Jarvis. There should be more than a few bargains.

We hope that the weather holds up. For those who don't know, some insist that plants grow better if you plant them when its raining/wet out. Now, I appreciate that there are not as many souls who will brave the wet climates for the sake of their plants. However, this is the weekend for the sale.

The RPGG does quite a bit of sprucing up, which includes the Rogers Park Station. There will be more to come if we can contribute and support to this worthy organization. Of course, if you can't come, go to the meetings and check out this Spring/Summer's Garden Meander. Here is a link to some of the photos from the last 2009 Garden Meander and 2008 Garden Sale.

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