Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Drink Responsibly, but Don't Drive; Use Howard Terminal

The past challenges of a lifetime are trivial after subtle and sudden distractions while driving under the influence. Not all of the victims of drunk drivers die. Turning tipsy and skipping stop signs are reckless acts that can be avoided. Accessible public transportation is one reason why living in Chicago often makes it easy to avoid being a driver or passenger in car accidents. Public transportation abounds particularly to Rogers Park. Why not go public?

I don't care how many excuses are given; accessible public transportation makes it easy to leave the car keys at home when there is intent to imbibe. In Rogers Park, in spite of all of the sensationalism, I know the Terminal to be a rather safe place. The aberrations are the exception. I find that the new South Terminal is full of more than enough passengers to deter the ignorant felon or fool. Often, it takes two. Most of us have better things to do than to mouth or mutter, so we move on. If you are elderly, then the Howard Steet taxi cab stand at Paulina is just north and visible from the exit. The cab line is rarelywithout a cab driver ready, willing and able to drive you home even at 2 a.m.

If you just want to rush home after kicking back a few at your favorite nightclub or tavern, then leave the ride at home. The taxi or the walk may do you well. There is enough light. If you walk in pairs, you have four eyes and ears plus a witness. This seems sufficient. If you binged, which is not worth the effort, then taxi's make it easier to eventually do your discreet prayer to the porcelain gods. Frankly, a few drinks are usually enough and if you have three or four hours, space them out if you must, but don't drive DUI.

The Pace 290 ends service around midnight on most weekdays. Perhaps, it ends later on Fridays; the Pace website can be surfed for schedules. I find that CTA's Route 22, among others, will put you that much closer, where you live just east or west of Clark. The 22 will also take you to a nearby 24 hour burrito bin that will serve you coffee, where you don't want to travel west to Western and Howard for Dunkin Donuts or Bakers Square on Touhy. Of course, the Loop to Sheridan bus or the Route 22 will take you from downtown to the Terminal or even closer.

I post this after reading today's front page on the Chicago Tribune about the Jahn family. How many families and friends must we read about before enough of us understand? How much motivation or planning does it take avoid the hazy drive from point A to point B? Whether we are peace officers or the public, all of us should set the best example. All you have to do is begin a pattern. Park the car in the lot or at home, go to or the Pacer link, and check out the bus and train schedules. Standard Parking at the Terminal rarely charges more than $2 per exit and entry unless you push your luck beyond a few days.

You are more of a threat than you think you are! You can create your own hellhole for Craig to ponder over after the police radio requests back up. You don't need a cab, just a conscience.


J. Willis said...

This is going to seem pretty random but you have a post about landlord David Gassman. I am currently trying to serve him court papers regarding a bed bug infestation that he completely mismanaged/ignored in one of his buildings. The problem is, I can't find an address for him and the sherrif's office needs one to serve him papers. Is this address you posted his home address?

840 Heather Lane, Deerfield, IL

My email is j.willis(at)banklife(.com)


lafew said...

It seems that your case is 2008-M1-019192. Since it is a pro se case, you have made 'allegations.' I hope that you can find a way to work this matter out. The general public too often has challenges proving a contention in court. However, judges 'try' to be lenient and helpful, but realistic.

I strongly suggest hiring an attorney. Otherwise, it may be difficult to prove to the satisfaction of a Court that there is an actual bedbug infestation. The law is meant to serve and protect. This means that the court must be objective. Don't take it personally, but do something about it!

The Illinois Rules of Evidence are quite significant. Judges know it and so do attorneys. Our hope is that you or the Court will successfully establish a basis (also, known as a "foundation") on which proof of bedbug infestation can be accepted by the Court. Otherwise, the defendant may be able to object and the grounds sustained. In other words, game over; you lose!

In a court of law, merely saying something, and proving a fact can prove to be worlds apart.

Make sure that you have reliable proof, not merely personal testimony that there are bedbugs. Otherwise, you can lose.

Oh, and yes, we believe that the Heather Lane address is his last known address, but we may be mistaken. I know the street and can assure you that it exists. Whether Gassman still lives there is unclear. However, you must serve him, his representative, or an appropriate representative of DLG Management.

Information on the proper server for corporations may be found at the Illinois Secretary of States Website. However, you may find the information elusive or difficult to surf for.

I wish you luck, but appreciate that the court needs to make the final decision.