Monday, September 15, 2008

Litterpigs, Isn't There a Law? What about Enforcement?

What is the City Ordinance that requires dog owners to clean up after their dog? What is the City Ordinance or State Statute that penalizes pedestrians and derides drivers who throw trash on the ground?

Are homeowners and building management supposed to show some pride and clean up after their property is trashed? It is ashame that Chicago does not deputize or encourage Streets and Sanitation. Someone should cite those with perpetual litter on their property or fine pedestrians who are careless and could care less! Imagine if the litterpigs themselves had to do community service cleaning up Ridge Boulevard! Justice delayed is justice denied?
I recently saw what seemed to me like an obese drunk African American drinking a can of Sprite Zero. This is by no means limited to African American. I admit to seeing a drunk white patron and his less inebriated friend zigging out of the Lamp Post. The blond tried to get the neighborhoods attention last spring. Nevertheless, the Icehouse and Old English bottles 'tend' to be carried and dropped by those with darker complexions. However, I know that most of us of any complexion keep our empties inside. The challenge for us is how to live with the consequences of those who don't.
I was with the mutt, stuck walking until the doo hit the grass. That can take a while. I used the "H" word as in "Hi," G-d forbid. All that this guy could do is look up with tensed raging facial muscles, glazed glassy eyes and expend a subtle grunt. He may have been younger, but alcohol can age the dependent. As a momento, he intentionally placed his empty Sprite can on the small metal box attached to the traffic light. He was in a piss poor mood, perhaps, a piss plentiful mood.
Inside the white bag suspended from the fingers of his left hand looked like a standard issue vodka bottle. Perhaps, it was purchased from the grocer/liquor store south of Touhy and Ridge. The man's sacrifice to the traffic pole god now placed, he traveled north past Jarvis and Ridge. I was curious whether he would collapse en route, so I walked the dog north. I chose to lose track of him; perhaps as he headed for Birchwood or Evanston for that matter.
Unfortunately, Chicago police and paramedics seem to care less about those in need of alcohol or drug treatment. This does not overcome current neighborhood concerns, when Police look the other way to open expressions of drug and alcohol addiction. Maybe the arguable alcoholism and binge drinking exposed on ABC's 20/20 by Stoessel is the reason for what seems like reckless restraint.
Nevertheless, the above sign near the northeast corner of Chase and Ridge was removed in spite of the litter challenge. Perhaps, there are a few similar signs still posted on Chase west of Ridge. I was told by my significant other that it is inappropriate to post these signs. Yet, in an effort to encourage sign posters, I have come up with more amusing ideas for signage. I encourage those with the gall!
"Plant pride, not Kentucky Fried. Dogs that eat bones choke!"
"Display Respect: Stash the Trash."
"Dog doo on shoes makes for a poor first impression. Respect those who walk in your dog's tracks."
"Enjoy the view. Don't destroy it. Carry on!"
"She who throws garbage has no respect for those stuck displaying it."
"Neighbors appreciate restraint: The dumpster is just around the corner."
"We don't collect aluminum and glass, so stash your trash!"

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