Sunday, July 15, 2007

Jay Medicar@7204 N. Rogers, Mitzvah unfufilled?

The Jay Medicar garage at 7204 N. Rogers used to house Pulse Ambulances. Now, the building is nearly a graveyard by comparison. During the week, the garage doors periodically stay open. As the neighbors know, the Jay Medicar parkway is full of garbage and rising weeds. The seed pods open and exact their toll on neighborhood yards for blocks. Those who walks or jogs the north side walk of North Rogers know that it is a mess that invites an allergic reaction or criticism.

The building hosts two video cameras that focus on the weeds and garbage below. A sign requests that neighbors not litter, among other things. Yet, no one at Jay Medicar bothers to reasonably clean up, cut the weeds, or maintain the grass. It is likely that months, if not years, of trash remain in the weeded space between asphalt and sidewalk. Who knows how many dogs have left their business in the weedy knoll. Maybe there is forensic evidence waiting for some CSI. When will Jay Medicar respect its neighbors?
A few photos help to refresh those who pass by. This area is next to three homes, one of which looks like the owner has lost hope or found dementia in my opinion. The balcony on that home is without railing and it looks like it begs for a Chicago Building Inspector. This is disappointing, since we need more single family homes in this area. Each time a home is lost, condos or townhomes replace them. In in doing so, there are fewer parking spaces, among other disadvantages.

It seems like some want to hold onto the properties until there is no value left in the neighborhood. These examples, among others, keep me wondering, where are the building inspectors? Where is Streets and San? Where are we as neighbors? Do we expect the City to act on clarvoyance with its rendition of the Mod Squad? If they do not react, what are our options? The more who know about a situation, or begin to think about it and do something, however small, the more likely that these situation will be eliminated.
I can only wish that a few politicians really give a crap and their purpose as community representatives given that there is not much of an alternative.

For those who want to follow up on the Jay Medicar complaint, it is 07-01307503. Add your name to the complaint at 311 or 312-744-4000, as well. You can also try to reach Jay Medicar at the last known number is 773-287-0440. The internet telephone number leads to the Torah Network, so don't bother using it.
No one will bite the handset that complains. If something happens, it is likely that it is a random act, so there is no need to be paranoid. Perhaps, if enough complain, someone will do something about it, including Jay Medicar; G-d won't forbid it.


Betsy said...

FYI - Jay Medicar no longer resides at that address and has not for many years. You should contact the owner of the building - they are responsible for the upkeep of the building, as well as removal of any signage.

lafew said...

I hesitated to allow this reply to the post. I wrote the Post nearly two years ago. At that time, Jay Medicare resided. Since then, 7204 N. Rogers has been repetitively tagged and its turf poorly maintained by the owner and real estate agents pretending to sell it in good faith. (Curb appeal?)

When Century 21 was contacted, I understand that the owner cleaned up most of the tags on his building. Frankly, this building remains a 'tear down' waiting to happen.

Rogers has too many units for lease or sale than demand. Most of the buildings need to be razed and replaced with open space. The challenge is that too many spent too much. Some thought that intelligent people would recognize a bargain. Instead, the ignorant have moved north, spent too much, and some are now house poor on the North Shore. Rogers and Ridge is perched between the Loop and the suburbs with all city amenities in tact (e.g. low garbage and water bills).

Sometimes, vigilance, rather than fear is a reasonable means to an existence.