Monday, March 12, 2007

Earth to Joe Mo[o]re's Intern - Learn to Spell!

For all of those, who appreciate employees who can spell, Alderman Joseph Mo[o]re has demonstrated that spelling is no pre-requesite, even when you cannot spell the bosses name. Check this blog out and I quote:

Aldermans Intern
Simple thoughts from a simple girl. This is an election year in Chicago and I am going to help re-elect my own neighborhood Hero - Joe More.

I cannot make up this material, but competence need not be an objective, when you have someone working for you for free. Of course, Joe, you get, what you paid for or did not pay for, perhaps!
I hope that this simple girl watches her t's and a's. The letters of course. Perhaps, Joe can subsidize better spelling courses at Gale and Jordan, among other local educational haunts. Boo!
Nevertheless, I am going to guess that this website is a spoof, so now that we have had our fun with Bufalo-ed Joe, and his dedicated staff, it is best to move on. For those of us who know, some of the staffers have a mind of their own, thank the L*rd, but Joe is da boss.


Anonymous said...

TW is registered in the 40th, not the 49th per...

Who is he vetoing for ?

lafew said...

Who is TW? Anonymous, can you learn to spell the word "voting?" You are not much of an inspiration to our Chicago Public School System.

lafew said...

Could it be, Joe Moore's intern?